Marc Aaron Casupanan

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    ︎︎︎The Truth Behind the Screen
    ︎︎︎Gimmie The Mic
    ︎︎︎NIGO Stamps
    ︎︎︎The Tune of Two Cities


About Me

My name is Marc Aaron Casupanan. I am a designer and recent graduate from San Jose State Unveristy, receivng my BFA in Graphic Design this past Spring 2021. I began studying design in 2016 when I entered my first semester of college, however my heavy interest in the field did not start until I took an introduction to typography course in Spring 2017. Ever since then, I’ve worked hard to hone skills specifically in type design and branding. I have also developed interest in different design topics such as UI/UX, packaging, and exhibition.

Currently I work several freelance opportunities as well as on my own personal design projects. My goal is to one day operate out of my own studio or type foundry. 

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