︎︎︎Branding & Packaging

Brute is a beer brand that emphasizes strength and boldness in its design and taste. The brand’s idea is to take tradition and adapt it to be simple yet clean designs.

Fall 2020

Project Overview
︎︎︎Design a beverage brand including the three dimensional container. Keep in mind of the materials used for the product in order to put an emphasis on sustainability.  

Areas of Focus

︎︎︎3D Modeling


︎︎︎Fusion 360

Brute’s message on taking tradition and adding a modern twist is carried in both it’s design and brewing method. In it’s design, the brand pattern utilizes a custom made typeface that is based on traditional black letter that has been simplified to look more modern. This pattern is used throughout to label any of the bottles as well as other branding assets.

Color is used to help differentiate the different types of brews that are offered by Brute. The overall dark scheme, again plays in hand to establish the strong boldness of the beer.

Sustainability & Materials
As mentioned in the overview, the brand keeps sustainability in mind when it comes to it’s materials. The three most common materials used for Brute are recycled aluminum, recycled paperboard, and stainless steel. These materials were selected due to their recyclability and their reliability.

A more indepth explanation of these materials can be found here.
Marketing & Longevity
︎︎︎Brute is a simple brand. Its’ loud and powerful identity can be easily recognized from both the unique bottle shape as well as it’s impactful design. This allows for the future of the brand to be easily marketable. Different types of beers that the brand could one day make could easily be added to the beverage line by the change of color and adjustment of the pattern. Brute was designed with the future in mind.

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