Support Health Care

Support Health Care offers a telemedicine solution to address basic health needs such as checkups, immunizations, and RPM devices to avoid unnecessary visits that force people to leave the house.

Fall 2020
Project Overview
︎︎︎Design a Point of Purchase kiosk along with the items meant to be bought. Include some sort of functionality within the Kiosk.
Areas of Focus

︎︎︎3D Modeling

︎︎︎Fusion 360

The Brand
︎︎︎Support Health Care is a telemedicine kiosk that assists with basic health needs that can be addressed from the kiosk or even from the convinence of home. The brand emphasizes the store and forward model as well as the use of RPM devices
Store and Forward Model
The practice of collecting patient information through devices at a designated location that would later be sent out to a desired physician or specialist.

RPM Devices
Remote Patient Monitoring Devices are devices that record patient data and upload them directly to a physican or online device. Common devices include glucose meters, scales, blood pressure monitors, and pacemakers.

RPM Devices

Support Bands by SHC are similar to that of modern devices such as the Apple watch or FitBit. It is a device that can track basic health levels such as heart rate, as well as connect to the other RPM devices provided.

︎︎︎Pressure Cuff
The SHC Blood Pressure Cuff, is a cuff that takes the blood pressure of the wearer. Many people with high or low blood pressure use cuffs like these already, however with SHC, the results are able to transfer directly to one’s physician, even from home.

RPM Devices

︎︎︎Glucose Meter
The Support Health Care Glucose Meters are used as devices for those needing to monitor their sugar levels. This is ideal for those with diabetes. Just like the other RPM devices, this product can be used to send information directly to one’s doctor.
Support Health Care Kiosk
︎︎︎The SHC kiosk is a telemedicine kiosk that provides people with basic health services. People who visit the kiosk are able to purchase any of the RPM devices that they may need at home. The front desk also has an attendant who can helpo assist those who wish to use the function screens on each of the colored blocks. These screens allow users to check weight, height, blood pressure, and other basic needs. 

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