The Truth Behind The Screen
︎︎︎Conference Branding

In the digital age, anyone’s information can easily be accessed especially by companies that we choose to use. The digital conference, The Truth Behind the Screen, is based on the idea of data transparency and how companies choose to show or hide what they do with customer provided data as well as other aspects of their business.

Spring 2020

Project Overview
︎︎︎Research and explore an area of technology or technological companies. Design a conference brand that dicusses the chosen topic. Create a promotional poster and other relevant promotional material.    
Areas of Focus

︎︎︎3D Modeling
︎︎︎Motion Graphics

︎︎︎After Effects
︎︎︎Fusion 360

With the topic of Data Transparency, the conference design was set to discuss the truth deeper than just what is initially presented. When a company presents itself to its users, typically they try to only show the good side of the company, however with more and more companies having things to hide, a darker side of tech arises. The design’s intention is to provide more of what’s beneath the surface.

Three Dimensional Figure

To further enhance the conference experience, a three dimensional promotional figure was designed that was also in line with the brand’s message. This 3D figure basically takes the motion poster and breaks it down into multiple layers in order to expose each screen a bit further.
Brand Applications
Along with the main components of the conference, several brand applciations were created as intended conference freebies. These applications tie into the brand visually as well as conceptually.

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