Marc Aaron Casupanan

Graphic Design Portfolio

    ︎︎︎The Truth Behind the Screen
    ︎︎︎Gimmie The Mic
    ︎︎︎NIGO Stamps
    ︎︎︎The Tune of Two Cities


The Truth Behind the Screen

In the digital age, anyone’s information can easily be accessed especaily by company’s that we choose to use. The digital conference The Truth Behind the Screen is based on the idea of data transparency and how companies choose to show or hide what they do with customer provided data and other aspects of their business.

︎︎︎Branding, Motion, 3D Render


Caper is a collaborative project that transforms the modern day shopping experience. The Caper app allows users to shop in a more efficient and safer way. With the use of phone scanning and online checkout functions, shopping with Caper minimizes the amount of needed interaction.

︎︎︎User Interface, User Experience, Prototyping 


Brute is a beer brand that emphasizes strength and boldness in its design and taste. To further emphaize it’s idea of taking traditional brewing methods and adding a modern twist, the custom typeface for Brute takes old blackletter typefaces and simplifies them geometrically.

︎︎︎Branding, Packaging, 3D Render

Gimmie The Mic

Hip Hop is one of the biggest musical genres in the world. What many don’t realize is that it is not only the music we listen to, but it also includes different areas of expression such as graffiti and breakdancing. Gimmie The Mic is an exhibition that focuses on every aspect of Hip Hop and is intended to be held in the Brooklyn Museum of the Arts, home of the birthplace of Hip Hop itself.

︎︎︎Branding, Exhbition, 3D Render

NIGO Commemorative Stamps

NIGO is one of the most influential designers to come from Asia. This commemorative stamp project displays what NIGO is known for and the impact he has had on the streetwear community worldwide.


The Tune of Two Cities

New York City is the birthplace of hip hop. With roots dating back to the early 70s, Hip Hop has grown into a much bigger community than ever before. One of the appreciative cities of hip hop culture is Tokyo, Japan. Here the themes of hip hop in both cities are compared and contrasted to view the widespread changes of this cultural phenomenon.  

︎︎︎Data Visualization