︎︎︎Product Design

Caper is a collaborative project between me and a former classmate, Nick Randle.The app intends to transform the modern day shopping experience. The Caper app allows users to shop in a more efficient and safer way. With the use of phone scanning and online checkout functions, shopping with Caper minimizes the amount of needed interaction.

Spring 2020
Project Overview
︎︎︎Design an application that is practical and useful. The app should have a clear target audience and logical design.    
Areas of Focus

︎︎︎User Interface
︎︎︎User Experience



︎︎︎Illustrations To compliment a product that uses advanced technology such as image recognition, we used images that were clean and modern to fit the aesthetic.

The main capabilities of Caper is to allow users to eliminate any person to person contact when it comes to in person shopping, as well as simplify and expedite the actual expereince. Utilizing common online shopping functions in an in person setting, provides users with a familar feeling in a different setting. Within our prototype, we allow users to create grocery lists, scan products, and checkout directly.

Our idea stems directly from the COVID-19 situation, where many people, especially early on, were afraid to shop due to any possible exposure to the virus. What we did was address these concerns will also account for the longevity of this application. Taking the benefits of online shopping, as well as the immediacy of being in person, Caper is the next logical step in how users will be purchasing their products.

To learn more about the product, feel free to view the entire process book here.
To access the app’s prototype, please click here.

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