Marc Aaron Casupanan

Graphic Design Portfolio

    ︎︎︎The Truth Behind the Screen
    ︎︎︎Gimmie The Mic
    ︎︎︎NIGO Stamps
    ︎︎︎The Tune of Two Cities



Caper is a collaborative project that transforms the modern day shopping experience. The Caper app allows users to shop in a more efficient and safer way. With the use of phone scanning and online checkout functions, shopping with Caper minimizes the amount of needed interaction.

︎︎︎User Interface, User Experience, Prototyping
Caper is a collaborative project between me and my classmate and colleague Nicholas Randle. Together we created multiple flows that demonstrated the several functions of Caper. 

My biggest contribution to the project was the in app illustrations. The modern geometric style along with the subtle grainy texture brings fun and playfulness to the overall branding.