Marc Aaron Casupanan

Graphic Design Portfolio

    ︎︎︎The Truth Behind the Screen
    ︎︎︎Gimmie The Mic
    ︎︎︎NIGO Stamps
    ︎︎︎The Tune of Two Cities


The Truth Behind the Screen

In the digital age, anyone’s information can easily be accessed especaily by company’s that we choose to use. The digital conference The Truth Behind the Screen is based on the idea of data transparency and how companies choose to show or hide what they do with customer provided data and other aspects of their business. 

︎︎︎Branding, Motion, 3D

Along with the main components of the conference, several brand applciations were created as intended conference freebies. These applications tie into the brand visually as well as conceptually where some of the products focus on digital use.